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Guys have questions. Other guys have answers.

On this page are my replies to the questions that have been emailed in. The other guys with answers can get stuffed. Hehehe. Take your time and read through the questions and answers on this page. I'm sure that you'll learn something. (Or I've wasted a lot of time putting this together.) And, if you join my newsletter, you'll get the information you need to send in your own questions.


After reading a couple of your newsletters, I recognised I had a problem or three! and decided to get this area of my life sorted (I was previously a WUSS), purchased your e-book and then graduated to the CD series.

That decision has turned my life around. I am tall, tanned and toned (after many hours in the gym) with a great job yet had problems with attracting and retaining women. This problem is now history, thanks to your materials. They are certainly worth every cent (even if you are from Oz and paying 2 for 1)!

I am not having any problems using the 3 minute routine to set up meetings. Also no probs with the women feeling attraction for me. The problem is that now I have been out with so many different women, I have options, I am finding I now have a very specific idea of what I want, which means the vast majority I tee up I do not want to see again after the first meeting, as they get extremely clingy over me, are not confident or ambitious or have emotional baggage etc. I have tried targeting specific places and activities where these girls I would like to meet are likely to be, without lifting the percentage of ones I want to meet for a second or third time.

The question is, How can the three minute routine be adapted with similar success rates to narrow the field i.e. rule out those with unattractive qualities which are hard to detect in 3 minutes, prior to the first meeting? I know most guys would probably love to have this problem but I am sure your answer will help me and many others including the new students who will soon not have enough hours in a week to meet all the women if they purchase the advanced series and follow your advice.

Keep up the great work, GH


You know, I get emails like yours a LOT. Two comments:
First, it's always a good reminder when a guy like you who is physically very attractive reveals to the rest of the world that there's a lot more to it than being good looking.

There's no doubt in my mind that looking good will help you meet women. But there's also no doubt in my mind that it's far from everything... and, in fact, most of the guys I know who are very successful with women are closer to "average" than they are to "model handsome". I'm glad that you're adding the "inner game" to the looks, and having success with it.

Second, to answer your question, I'd like to point out that when a guy starts experiencing a LOT of success with women, he usually begins to realize a few things:
1) Just because a woman is attractive doesn't mean that she has her life together, that she's emotionally stable, that she will be interesting and fun to spend time with... etc.
2) The more women you meet, the more PICKY you become.
3) A fantastic woman that really has all areas of her life together is VERY RARE.
4) Finding one of these rare, wonderful women often takes awhile.

The fact is that men and women BOTH tend to put their best foot forward in the beginning and only demonstrate their positive sides.

If you REALLY want to learn how to figure out what a woman is REALLY like when you first meet her, then you'll probably want to start studying psychology, behavior, and communication in depth. Also, the more you approach and meet women, the more you'll be able to put the puzzle together faster in the beginning. By the way, you have one of those problems that most guys would say "Waaaaa, you poor guy". So smile about it.


Hey David,
I want to thank you for all your advice in your newsletters and in your ebook. This stuff really works! I just got a new job at a clothing store and all the girls that work there are all over me. Not to mention the ones that shop at the store! I have a question that I have been thinking about ever since I ran across your material.

I know in your ebook you say to always make the decisions (like where to go, what to do on a date, etc.) and to be in control of the situation (don't let her insult or treat you poorly). What is it about this that attracts women? Is this some kind of test to see if you are in control of your life, or is it like a subconscious trigger in a woman's mind, or what? I would appreciate any feedback on this issue. Thanks again for all the help you have already given me.

St. Louis, MO


Here's the deal about always making decisions and staying in control... Women aren't attracted to WUSSIES.

So how could you characterize a Wuss? A Wussy is a guy who is weak, indecisive, and insecure. A Wussy isn't in control, and he doesn't make decisions. Women feel ATTRACTION for men who demonstrate the qualities of the LEADER.

How could you characterize a LEADER?

A LEADER is a man who is in control of the situation, and who makes decisions and follows through on them WITHOUT needing approval from others. You've asked a great question, but it's a complex one.


Here's one for the history books: David DeAngelo, the Man who made Dating Scientific.

It's amazing how turned off women are by eager guys working hard to impress, and how much they love the composed bad boys who refuse to kiss ass.

At a party I overheard a nearby conversation where a guy was talking to a hot girl, basically kissing up to her with the infinitely boring "yeah, I see what you mean" and "I really identify with that" type responses. I just sat there with a kind of crooked half-smile, and in a minute the girl started talking to me.

I used one of your best rules, Never Give a Woman a Direct Answer Unless it's No. Before long, this girl was telling me I acted like a "stone cold psycho" who could "bury somebody in a field somewhere and never think twice".

Next thing I know she's handing me her number. Now I have no interest at all in killing people, but it cracks me up that this chick jokes about me being a psycho and then wants to go out.

Knoxville, TN


Hey, I never said that women make sense. lol...

You know, several serial killers have all kinds of female "worshippers". And have you ever noticed how when some crazy dude escapes from jail, they always find him shackin' up with his old girlfriend?

Now, fortunately it's not necessary to be a serial killer or felon to attract women (but it doesn't seem to hurt if you are).

Women DEFINITELY don't feel that powerful "Gut Level Attraction" for "nice, sweet, needy guys". ATTRACTION is a process that has developed over a LOOOOOOONG time. It's not something that women think about and "work up to". It's not something that women PLAN.

ATTRACTION happens for reasons all its own, and you can't CONVINCE a woman to feel it. You've obviously found success using these "illogical" techniques that I teach. Good for you, and keep it up.


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