Dating Techniques That Women WANT You to Know... But don't want to have to TELL you about....
[Women-speak: read my mind or lose me forever!]

The Insider's Guide To Cocky + Funny

Hey Dude,
I have had your book and newsletters for almost 2 years. Yesterday I sent away for your advanced series. Your material is quality and obviously the way to go (I'm ridiculously cheap and I wouldn't have spent the extra money on the advanced series if I knew it wouldn't work).

My most recent story goes like this: I was working and met some female (9.0 on my scale) exactly the type of face i like. She had a hard-to-get personality. I teased her and had some good conversation for a few minutes. She had to go but returned a while later asking 'what time it was' or some stupid question like that that you can ask anyone and still look casual. (typical of girls i have busted on to come back and ask some stupid question) I continued to bust on her and maintain my uninterested/laid back mood.

I told her to write her number down, she did and she told me 'she liked me' or some pick up like that, i said "yeah i like me too". She wanted to do something later, I said 'like what' (just seeing where she was coming from). She smiled and didn't really answer, to which i followed up with "whatever, you couldn't handle this"

I had a friend come by who i work with and she started talking to him 'acting' interested (i assume to see how i would handle it). So ignored them and went on with my stuff, instead of cock blocking i bragged a little about him.

She said she had to leave and was standing right in front of me for a couple seconds so i just moved in for a kiss and she did also (btw that was after less than a total of 15 minutes of talking). She left and I went back to my work, but not before a little 3-second Conan O'Brien dance behind my desk. earlier she told me to call her that night so i called her the next night.

That night she wanted to get busy and I would keep backing up when she went in to kiss me and didn't act too thrilled about the whole occasion. She took her shirt off right after she got in my house and i told her to put it back on and that she could take it off later. that night she said "Your the only guy who I can't figure out" and "I'm so lucky to be here with you" and even "How come you picked me, you deserve so much better" This beautiful, hard-to-get girl's personality changed right in front of me. And i used the beautiful "just say please" line once again.

I love you Dave (but not like that you sicko!)
-D from CA


Great story. You've mentioned a couple of my favorite types of "comebacks" to things women say. In one situation, she said "I like you" and you replied "I like me too".

In another, she mentioned that she wanted to do something later with you, and you replied "Like what?"... and then said "Whatever, you couldn't handle this". You TOTALLY get the equation:

In your first comeback, you've taken something "nice" that she was saying about you, and turned it into a perfect opportunity to dial up the tension in a funny way. "I like you"... "Yea, I like me too". Classic.

In your second comment, you really add one of the "magic ingredients" of ATTRACTION called being a CHALLENGE. Most women have never had a guy say something like "You couldn't handle this" to them.

It's so surprising to a woman when she hears this kind of thing... and it's INCREDIBLE when it's done in a FUNNY way. Unless you understand the dynamics of how women become attracted to men, this stuff doesn't make any sense at all.

Remember when you were a kid, and you had those little cars that you could wind up by pulling them backwards on the floor... then when you let go they would spin out and fly forward?

You could feel the tension building as you pulled the car backwards... winding it up. And when you let go, it would scream out of your hand. I always thought those were pretty cool.

Well, there was another great lesson in those cool little cars: You need to dial up the tension before you can release the energy inside. Your story and comments do a GREAT job of this.


Hi, Dave.

I've recently separated after 13 years of marriage and was pretty nervous about the dating scene.

I was immediately thinking of all the wussy stuff you're "supposed" to do on a first date and to attract a woman.

By chance, I got on your mailing list, and you answered the questions I had at the perfect time. I realized that I need to do the same thing I've been doing with women for the past 13 years--tease them and be funny. I was never interested in dating my female friends, and I treated them as buddies, and they always chatted and danced with me at parties and told my wife she was lucky to have a guy like me.

Thanks to you, I know that I can keep being my cocky and funny self and I have a better chance of meeting women than by fawning over them. The preliminary flirting and meeting I've done so far has been good practice for me--I've gotten a few numbers, but more important, have been learning from my mistakes when I don't get one, and I'm going to get your ebook to learn even more so the mistakes become less frequent.

I do have a question though. I have been skimming the online dating sites, and I find that over 90% of the women's profiles say they're looking for a nice guy who will spend romantic evenings with them and be caring and attentive and all the "wussy" stuff you decry.

What gives? Does it make a difference that the online women are looking for long-term relationships and want something more stable, or are they fooling themselves and asking for something they're really not attracted to but think they should be?

Thanks again for you help! You saved me from the Sahara Desert of Dating.
Chicago, IL


Yes! You've asked one of my favorite questions of all time...

You're basically asking "Why is it that women all say that they want a guy who acts like a WUSSY?" And more importantly, why is it that women actually RESPOND to something totally different? Here it is in a nutshell:

We humans have NO IDEA what we REALLY want. We THINK that we know what we want, but we don't.

We come into this world pre-programmed with all kinds of bizarre drives and desires... but many of them are so strange that our cultures and religions have made these natural drives "wrong".

Now, when you have a desire for something that is "wrong", what are you going to do? You can't exactly run around saying "I want the thing that everyone thinks is wrong".

Of course not. You'd be put in a looney bin and forced to take all kinds of medication. Either that or you'd be a rock star. Whatever.

Look... I spent MANY YEARS of my life trying to get women to like me by kissing up to them, being "nice", buying them thoughtful gifts, taking them nice places, and generally being a complete WUSSBAG.

Did it work? Not so well.

Or course, I just figured that the reason that it wasn't working so well was because I wasn't good-looking or rich enough. Only after spending a lot of time learning from guys who were "naturally" good with women did I begin to see what was REALLY going on.

The fact is that if you ask most women what they want in a man, they'll tell you that they want a "nice guy". They want someone who is "A good communicator". They want someone who is kind, thoughtful, and generous.

I have a theory about this. It's a dangerous idea, though. I think that most women say that they want a nice, ass-kissing, Wussy guy because...

...sit down for this...


So stop paying attention to all this stuff that women SAY that they want, and start doing the things I'm teaching you and getting RESULTS. Thanks for your email. Good stuff.


Your material is awesome!

It has completely changed my dating and it's results! I lost a really hot girlfriend late last year, and it wasn't until I started reading your newsletters that I finally understood what went wrong. I wussed out, completely. "I just need some room to find myself. It's not you, it's me." Man you were literally quoting my gf!

But now I get it. In the last few months I have been able to get phone numbers every time I go out, if I want to. I get chicks to buy ME drinks now, and had one girl force her number on me! Gotta love that.

Even some of the girls with boyfriends I hang out with every now and then are saying I'm cocky, and pull the o'l hit me on the shoulder and give me the "I can't believe you just said that" look, with a big smile of course. Man everything you have said makes perfect sense, and really works!

I got my first date from an online dating service by replying to this chick with a very cocky and slightly funny statement that I mostly intended to drive her away. She wrote back saying I was way too cocky, but you know what? She went out with me! MUAHAHAHAAA.

I haven't found the right girl yet, but your techniques have helped me weed out more wrong ones in the last few months than in the last few years before! And I can't describe how cool it feels to have a stack of numbers that I will never call, but know I could if I wanted too.

I'm about to get your e-book, so I'll keep you updated on how well that works. One question though, what's your deal with tea?
CL - Dallas, TX


.... what's my deal with tea? It's classy, cheap, and quick. And you can escape if she winds up being crazy. Try it, you'll like it.

Iced tea is acceptable as well, by the way... lol.

Now, you said a lot of great stuff in your email. You're not the only guy who's heard those painful words "I need to find myself" and "It's not you, it's me". Yea, right.

Well, now that you understand ATTRACTION better, you'll definitely be preventing that in the future.

I enjoyed your story about the online personal date... and how she said that you were too cocky, then WENT OUT WITH YOU. Now you're getting it...

And I like the way you think... you haven't found the right girl YET, but by beginning to understand ATTRACTION you've been able to weed out the ones who aren't right for you FASTER. When you read my book, make sure and pay close attention to the bonus report that comes with it called "The 8 Personality Types Of Men Who Are Naturally Attractive To Women".

That guide will help you understand how to keep the girl you want... when you do find her. Thanks for the email.

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