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How To Tell Her You Don't Want A Long-Term Relationship
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*** Letter From A Newsletter Reader ***

Hello David Deangelo,
Your material has unbelievable results, After reading your book and newsletters, I am finding myself in a dilemma of needing to let some of the women down in order to make room for others.

The problem is they keep wanting to fill my schedule and I haven't learned or need to learn how to let these women know that like yesterdays newspaper, I have read and prefer to read current events as opposed to rereading the same newspaper over and over. I guess I am being a wussy in this regard cause I just do not know how to say See Ya?

How does the master say this without being mean. I want to let them go without hurting their self esteem, they have done nothing wrong, they are beautiful, I just want to move on and enjoy, the riches you have endowed upon me, without hurting them, and without being a wussy in the process.
Portland OR

David Deangelo >>>

I'd say that the problem you're experiencing is probably being caused BEFORE it actually happens.

How do women know if a man is interested in them for a "long term" relationship... or if he's just interested in dating casually?

The trigger for this is HOW OFTEN YOU SEE THEM, and how often you CALL them.

Of course, there's more... like whether or not you buy gifts, talk about how you feel, ask her to be your girlfriend, etc.

But if you want to just see a woman casually and not have her become "hooked" on you, then don't call her more than a couple of times a week, and don't see her more than once a week... maybe twice sometimes.

This should solve your problem.

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